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Archie’s Birth Certificate Clears Up a Royal Mystery

Archie’s Birth Certificate Clears Up a Royal Mystery

Some questions surrounding the birth of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s son Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor have finally been answered.

His birth certificate was filed Friday, and reveals he was born at Portland Hospital in London, not at their Frogmore Cottage home, as some had assumed.

The document also confirms he was born May 6, the same day the couple shared the news on Instagram.

When Archie made his big debut on May 8, Harry made a comment to reporters about how “everybody says the baby changes so much over two weeks.” This led many to speculate the little guy might already be a few weeks old, but that is not the case.

Other items of note include Meghan’s full name, listed as Rachel Meghan Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex, and her occupation is listed as Princess of the United Kingdom.

Royal historian Marlene Koenig told E! News why Markle was named a princess on the birth certificate.

"Harry is a prince, so his wife is a princess," Koenig said. "In the U.K., a wife takes her husband's rank unless her rank is higher, such as a peeress or a sovereign or a princess, unless she marries a sovereign."

Archie, however, was not given a prince title, despite being seventh in line to the throne. Koenig explained to Time that Archie's status is likely because Harry and Meghan want a normal life for their children.

Koenig added, “The Queen might not like it, but she’s pretty fair about what her family wants to do. She understands that [Harry and Meghan] will want to have a much more normal life.”

Not only did they skip the Prince and Royal Highness titles, it seems Archie won’t take on the honorary title Earl of Dumbarton.

Koenig says Archie will always be entitled to the Earldom, and will become Duke of Sussex upon Harry’s death.

There is still a chance Archie could become a prince when Prince Charles takes the throne.

An insider tells People that as the King’s grandson via a son, Archie will automatically receive the title of “Prince.” Harry and Meghan will get to decide at that time if the title is wanted.