'Bachelorette' Hannah B. on Her ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan’ Appearance

'Bachelorette' Hannah B. on Her ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan’ Appearance

What would “The Bachelorette” be without some drama? The show kicked off earlier this week, and “Extra” sat down with Hannah B. to get the scoop!

First off, Hannah opened up about her sit-down on “Live with Kelly and Ryan,” after Kelly called the show “gross” and “creepy.”

Hannah told us, “I’m really excited that I was able to express my opinions on how the show has been so beneficial for me, empowering me… glad I was able to do that and get everybody excited for my season.”

She also dished on the drama that has been teased with the men, saying, “There was a lot of drama with the men during our journey together… I can handle my business and I made sure I did that.”

On the premiere episode, she gave Luke P the first impression rose. Could he be the last man standing? “A lot of the girls in the past, that’s what’s happened, so you’ll have to see if I continue that or break the streak.”

Talking about her experience, she said, “I’ve grown so much and you see me this season just like that season go through these growing pains, but ultimately able to be my complete self, ‘cause I want someone to love me for that.”

How is it different from being on “The Bachelor”? “It is such a different thing being the lead of the show, there were times with Colton [Underwood] I didn’t understand what was happening, now I totally get it and it’s hard.”

Without revealing how her journey ends, she shared, “I am happy, I am so happy. Were there moments that were hard for me? Absolutely. Was this journey what I expected it to be? Absolutely not… I can say I am so happy for everything that’s happened and I came out the other side alive and stronger.”

“The Bachelorette” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.