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Sharon Osbourne Says Her ‘Dark Thoughts’ Led to Three Suicide Attempts

Sharon Osbourne Says Her ‘Dark Thoughts’ Led to Three Suicide Attempts

TV personality Sharon Osbourne is openly discussing her “dark thoughts.”

On Tuesday’s episode of “The Talk,” Osbourne revealed that she attempted suicide three times in her life. She shared, “I wish I could be light all the time, but unfortunately, that’s why I wear black a lot.”

“I was joking about this, but I shouldn’t, talking about my depression, and it’s like, you know, saying, ‘Oh, the first time I tried to kill myself was okay, the second — all right, the third time, oy!'” the 66-year-old continued. “But it’s like, I’m still here. I still do what I do and you struggle… I wish everybody could think flowers and daisies and princesses, but you can’t.”

Sara Gilbert added during their chat, “Look, I joke about being negative and in some ways, I am because things will happen and I'm like, ‘Oh, this is horrible!' You know? Because I realize there must be a part of me that's positive… I try to accomplish a lot of things. So there's got to be a piece of me that believes good things to happen or I wouldn't even try.”

Sheryl Underwood lightened up the mood in the room by saying she likes “dark meat.”

A few months ago, Sharon opened up about her fears that her kids, Kelly, Jack, and Aimee, would succumb to the same mental illness. On a November episode of “The Talk,” she confessed, “I always (am) afraid that my kids (will) get my depression because my mother was a big-time depressant, and I am too. And I just watch my kids all the time, just praying they don't develop this in later years, 'cause it's a terrible thing to have."

In 2014, Osbourne revealed that she had been struggling with depression for 16 years. While noting that she had “been on medication,” she said, “Some days are better than others, and some days you feel like you just want to pull the sheets over your head and just stay in that bed and not do a damn thing … except rot.”

A year after her revelation, Sharon took a break from her gig on “The Talk.” She explained, “I had a complete and utter breakdown. I woke up in Cedars-Sinai Hospital and for probably three days I knew nothing. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t talk, I could do nothing. My brain just shut down on me.”

“I was doing too much of everything,” she stressed. “My brain just totally fused and I just couldn’t cope with anything. My family put me into a facility and in this facility, the diagnose you, there’s therapists, psychiatrists and you do a lot of group therapy. And I found for me that the group therapy was the best thing that I could do because there were several people suffering with what I was suffering.”

In 2017, Osbourne had to skip several episodes of “The Talk,” but it had nothing to do with her mental well-being. At the time, she had to undergo surgery to repair a pinched nerve from a “a painful back injury.”