Jason Rothenberg Talks About That Shocking Character Death in the Premiere of 'The 100'

Jason Rothenberg Talks About That Shocking Character Death in the Premiere of 'The 100'
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Not everyone made it out of the "The 100" premiere alive!

As showrunner Jason Rothenberg told us, “There is really only one way of this show.”


Fans said goodbye to Shaw, an Eligius IV crew member introduced in Season 5.

Season 6 picked up with the team finally out of cryo sleep after more than 100 years, and ready to explore a new planet, which turned out to be a moon!

After a hot rendezvous with Raven, Shaw joined Clarke, Bellamy, Echo, Murphy, Emori, Jackson and Miller on an exploratory trip to their new world… only to realize they were already in trouble.

As the group enjoyed a fireside chat, they were swarmed by vicious insects. In the chaos of trying to escape, Shaw ran into a radiation fence. Clarke rushed to his side, and he gave her a dying message: “Tell Raven she deserves happiness. She doesn’t think she does but she does."

Rothenberg revealed Jordan Bolger, who portrays Shaw, got another job! “As much as I love that character and where we were going... events conspired off camera, unfortunately, to keep Raven sad.”


He went on, “That upset me as much as anybody, believe me, but that is the way the ball bounces and you have to roll with it… it isn’t the first time we’ve lost an actor to another show and had to find an emotional way to wrap that character up.”

When we left off, Raven hadn’t heard the sad news yet. Jason said, “She is, of course, going to be devastated. She wasn’t in love with Shaw, she didn’t know him long enough to be in love with him, but certainly they were great together. They were on the road to something, and I think she will mourn the loss of a good man as much as the loss of a person she cared about.”

He pointed out, “Obviously there was a lot of potential there so she will be in mourning for that potential. She realizes she can’t catch a break. We all want Raven to be happy, contrary to popular belief!”

Fans almost lost Kane, too, after a run-in with Octavia. Rothenberg confirmed, “Abby saves him in time, Abby put him in cryo… Abby managed to keep him alive and her obsession to save him, to save the man she loves will drive her this season. We haven’t seen the last of Henry Ian Cusick, that is all I will say about that.”

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