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Alex Trebek Gives Update on His Cancer Treatment

Alex Trebek Gives Update on His Cancer Treatment

On Wednesday morning, “Extra” spoke with “Jeopardy” host Alex Trebek after his appearance on “Good Morning America,” where he opened up about his cancer battle.

Last month, Trebek revealed in a video that he was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer, pointing out that he was “going to fight this” and “beat the survival rate.”

While leaving the studio, Alex revealed that he “didn’t give it much thought” when deciding to tell America about his cancer diagnosis, adding, “It just seemed like the right thing to do.”

Trebek also gave an update on his treatment, saying, “We won’t have any substantial results for a couple weeks, I have one more chemo to do, let’s hope that it turns out well.”

Alex is maintaining an optimistic outlook on life despite the diagnosis. He said, “I am feeling fine — this is a good day to be alive.”

The 78-year-old showed his appreciation for his fans, who have shown an outpouring of love and support since his revelation. He stressed, “It means the world, it shows that not only is the show popular, but they like me, they care about me, and I care about them.”

Alex is taking the summer off from his hosting duties to recuperate. When asked if he is coming back strong in September, he said, “I hope so.”

Earlier in the day, Trebek sat down for his first live interview since his diagnosis. He admitted to “Good Morning America” anchor Robin Roberts that he sometimes has “surges of deep, deep sadness” while undergoing chemotherapy, adding, “It brings tears to my eyes.”

While the chemotherapy makes him feel “so weak all the time,” he told Robin that America’s “good thoughts, their advice, their prayers” have “been making a difference.”