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Country Singer Kane Brown Is ‘Pumped’ to Become a Dad!

Country Singer Kane Brown Is ‘Pumped’ to Become a Dad!

Kane Brown and wife Katelyn are expecting their first child, and the country singer is “pumped”!

“Extra” caught up with Brown at Stagecoach over the weekend, where he opened up about the pregnancy news. “I was excited! We were both really excited when we found out.”

Kane, who married Katelyn in October, said it got “emotional” when they heard the baby’s heartbeat and had their first sonogram.

“We went to the hospital and actually checked the heartbeat and… we got very more emotional,” he said. “I was getting nervous going down the elevator and once she actually saw the baby… it makes it so much more real, so we were both excited.”

Thankfully, Katelyn is feeling good. “Ya know, she hasn’t gotten any sickness or anything. She feels nauseous every once in a while, but she’s been great other than that.”

Meanwhile, Brown’s music is lighting up the charts. His songs, “Lose It,” “What Ifs,” and “Heaven” off his latest album “Experiment” have all hit #1 on the country charts, “Just seeing everybody happy and excited to be working with me it just pushes me and motivates me.”

Kane was enjoying his second time at Stagecoach, telling us, “I was here two years ago… Not a lot of people knew who I was, so I’m excited to be back now.” In fact, just five years ago, his career hadn’t taken off yet, “I was either working at Fed Ex or Target.”

Now that he is up for four Billboard Awards, he said, “It’s an honor. I feel like we worked our tails off. Not just me, but my band and my team — it's just cool to be recognized.”

He is also hitting the road with Jason Aldean for the Ride All Night tour, kicking off May 3. “It’s cool," he said. "Me and Jason are very similar, very low-key. He’s one of the artists I get to hang out with the most and we just relate a lot, so it’s cool to have, like, a brother beside me the whole time, and get to go out on tour with him and he’s a huge artist, so it’s awesome to get to look up to him.”