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Mercedes ‘MJ’ Javid in ICU After Welcoming First Child

“Shahs of Sunset” star Mercedes ‘MJ’ Javid faced major complications after giving birth to son Shams Francris Feight on Wednesday.

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First and foremost, thank you so much for all the messages of love and support along the way. Here’s a little video of me feeling very scared and nervous about something unexpected that my exceptionally awesome doctors found during a check up after xmas where my cervix suddenly measured too short, around 1.3 centimeters, which is high risk for m.c. I got an epidural, an overnight stay at the hospital for a surgery called cervical cerclage, which is considered a rescue. How I’ve gotten through this emotionally is by the strong, peaceful and beautiful spirit of my father, my maternal strength, and the unrelenting support of my husband. There is so much more to come and although bed rest has not been the ideal way to spend this beautiful time, I am learning a lot, and finding a blessing in EVERYTHING 🙏♥️🙏 #babyjourney #pregnancyjourney #IVFJourney

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Mercedes had to undergo emergency surgery to “save her life.” The following day, her husband Tommy Feight revealed on Instagram, “The night my son was born was the worst night of my life. My wife had a ton of complications. She was in surgery for like five hours. They didn’t tell me nothing. But they’re amazing at Cedars. They saved her life.”

Tommy noted that the 46-year-old is “still in ICU.” He added, “She still hasn’t held her baby yet. That should probably happen later today though.”

As for their bundle of joy, Tommy shared, “He, on the other hand, is looking great. He couldn’t be happier.”

Feight joked, “He’s pissed on every nurse who worked there. They have him in a tanning bed now with glasses on, no joke. A day old and already in a tanning bed. He couldn’t be more like his mother if he tried. She went spray tanning before we went to the hospital!”

Mercedes has been open about her pregnancy struggles in the past. In December, she was hospitalized after her cervix “measured too short,” which is considered a “high risk” for a miscarriage.