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Gabrielle Union on Dwyane Wade’s Post-NBA Life, Plus: Why She Works Well with Jessica Alba

Actresses Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba are teaming up for “L.A.’s Finest,” a spin-off series based on the “Bad Boy” movies!

Along with discussing their special bond, Gabrielle also opened up about husband Dwyane Wade’s last NBA game to “Extra’s” special correspondent Akbar Gbajabiamila. Of his retirement, she said, “Right now, he is on the golf course, drinking out of the bottle… he is living his full, best life.”

As for what she was yelling during his last game, Union shared that she was yelling to LeBron James, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony, "Where’s those shots of tequila?!” She explained, "When it was close to a triple-double… He passed it to [Udonis Haslem] and it was like, if U.D. can convert to get him that last assist, this is poetry, this is beauty, this is art, and you can’t write a better last chapter for his basketball career.”

The couple recently became the parents of an adorable baby girl, Kaavia. Gabrielle admitted, “He is a way better swaddler than me — my swaddles suck. He approached the swaddle the same way he approaches the setback jumper — he’s clutch.”

Not only is Gabrielle starring in “L.A.'s Finest” with Jessica, they are on a mommyhood journey together. Alba even hooked Union up with her products. Gabrielle smiled, saying, “Every part of the house is Honest, down to the ground.”

Union revealed, “[Jessica] was one of the first people I told about our journey, and Kaav was coming during the pilot… When our surrogate's water broke, I called my hairstylist 'cause I left work the day before without my work wig… and was like, 'I need my wig!' and I left for the hospital without everything… and Jess called and got everything.”

Jessica added, “I had a list for everything, got it sent to the hospital because I wanted them to have their peaceful time, make sure the nursery was set up.”

Gabrielle pointed out of Jessica, “They had their contingency plan for my maternity leave… So from work, she’s running her billionaire company and she’s on set, she has a family, she is also making sure my baby had a car seat and all the necessities… and I had my work wig and that was all that.”

Union continued to compliment her co-star, saying, “She was one of the cool kids that was in on the joke that came up the way I came up… What you see is what you created… I got her, so when we need someone that is kick-ass… There’s only one Jessica Alba."

Does Jess follow little Kaavia on social media? She answered, “Of course! I think I was one of the first followers.”

Both of the working moms are also executive-producing "L.A.'s Finest." Jessica dished, “Gab created the show… She really created this really dope environment where there are these two women — they are partnering up, they are unapologetic. It’s action, it’s fun, it’s funny, but they have real depth and they both have these really interesting pasts. 'Will you do this with me?' I was like, 'Yeah!'"

Gabrielle added, “We’re both really Type A.”

Jessica chimed in, “We often have the same notes on the script.”

Gabrielle emphasized, “I’ll remember a dope take of Jess and she might remember a dope take of me, so when we’re going through the edits, we're like, 'There was actually a better take of that.'”

Will Martin Lawrence from the original “Bad Boys” join them? Gabrielle answered, “If he will have us, we will roll out the red carpet.”

"L.A.’s Finest" will premiere on Spectrum’s On Demand platform on Monday, May 13, 2019!