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Bethenny Frankel on Scary Fish Allergy and Why a Severe Reaction Was a Wake-Up Call

Bethenny Frankel on Scary Fish Allergy and Why a Severe Reaction Was a Wake-Up Call

Bethenny Frankel was happy and healthy as she helped Godiva celebrate the opening of their first U.S. café.

“Extra” was with the Skinnygirl mogul, who opened up on a range of topics, from her love of sweets to her severe fish allergy to "The Real Housewives of New York."

When it comes to sweets, the reality star confessed, “I do love to indulge in chocolate. I love to indulge in red velvet cake. I love to indulge in ice cream. Pretty much I'm an ice cream person every night. It's a ritual. With everything on it, like the little chips and sprinkles.”

Frankel also shared the latest on her severe fish allergy just days after posting a picture on social media of the reaction she had when a friend who had lox for lunch kissed her goodbye.

“I've been allergic to fish — not shellfish — my whole life,” she said.

Frankel had a near-death experience last December when she ate soup that she did not know contained fish, “I've had different reactions my whole life, but that's the first time I went into anaphylactic shock. It was really scary, but it was a wake-up call and I always have my EpiPens with me.”

The 48-year-old credited her boyfriend, film producer Paul Bernon, for helping her, saying, “My boyfriend literally did save my life.”

Bethenny is dealing with a lot on this season of “RHONY,” including the death of her late boyfriend Dennis Shields, who passed away from a drug overdose, and her ongoing custody issues with ex-husband Jason Hoppy.

“I crack. Because I have had a lot going on. And you have cameras and a bunch of women… Every person and every woman cracks. And that's what happens with me.”