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Why Charlize Theron Isn’t Looking for Love Right Now

Why Charlize Theron Isn’t Looking for Love Right Now

Actress Charlize Theron is getting her funny on in “Long Shot,” a romantic comedy with Seth Rogen.

“Extra’s” Tanika Ray spoke with Charlize and Seth, who opened up about their kissing scenes in the movie. When Tanika noted that she “felt the passion,” Charlize commented, “It’s because we have a beard to work through, you have to give it a little more force.” Seth added, “You have to play through the beard.”

In real life, Charlize is not looking for love right now. She explained, “I’m gonna finish this press tour then I’m gonna shoot a movie in London, and I’m figuring like around September we’ll talk about this.”

Charlize is balancing life as a single working mom, saying, “Like every working mom out there, you go through periods when you are overwhelmed, and I'm in one of those right now.”

Does she ever cry? She shared, “I don't cry. I do cry. I take that back… I cry at anything related to my kids. For sure. But I don't cry about being overwhelmed.”

Theron is keeping a positive outlook, emphasizing, “There is always light at the end of the tunnel.”

As for why they wanted to make this movie, which centers on a gifted and free-spirited journalist and one of the most influential women in the world becoming romantically involved, Seth said, “It was fun to make a movie that was like those great, really funny, also romantic movies I grew up watching.”

For Theron, her decision was all about Seth. She said, “The idea of working with Seth was something I was really excited about… I read the script and I saw a lot of potential for us to go and do something that could work with the two of us that in a way — for me, not so much for him — felt like a real challenge.”

Seth chimed in, “It’s always a fun challenge when... when someone like Charlize who seems funny in real life, but in movies has never quite seemed to tap into that, really.”

Theron has another movie coming out, this one with political overtones — she plays Megyn Kelly in the Roger Ailes biopic. She never met the TV journalist, saying, “It’s something that you feel out as you do these real-life projects. It went the way it did. I‘m glad it went the way it did — it gave me a little bit of perspective, a little bit of distance from it.”

“We tried to make a film that feels a little different from what you would expect a movie like this to be,” Charlize elaborated.

"Long Shot" hits theaters on May 3.