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Kelly Clarkson on 'the Hardest Thing I Will Ever Do'

Kelly Clarkson on 'the Hardest Thing I Will Ever Do'
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Kelly Clarkson is hitting the big screen!

The "American Idol" winner and coach on "The Voice" is using her own voice as Moxy in the new animated film “UglyDolls." "Extra’s" Tanika Ray caught up with the singer, who is one of the busiest woman in Hollywood, at a press event for the new film.

Along with the movie, Kelly is getting to ready launch her nationally syndicated talk show this fall, revealing that shooting one of the interviews for her pilot was the hardest thing she has ever done.

She had Chrissy Metz on, saying that the death of her own father really informed the Q&A she did with the "This Is Us" star. "We relate a lot... My father had just passed away, and it was literally nobody on set knew except for my husband, so I had to do this whole interview about, you know, struggles with her dad — we have very similar things — so my very first interview for my talk show was the hardest thing I will ever do." On the bright side, Kelly noted, "That was my first interview, so I can handle anything."

"We did actually a couple big, serious subjects as well which I actually liked almost more," she said. "Terry Crews was on it and we got to talk about the #MeToo movement, which I did not actually know in depth like you know his story."

Her character Moxy was, by contrast, a ray of light for Kelly, who said, "She’s super opitimistic, she’s determined... She’s identical to me." Smiling, she admitted of "UglyDolls," "It was really fun to do."

Playfully calling voicing Moxy her first official movie, Kelly laughed about her real movie debut, the "American Idol"-powered "From Justin to Kelly," in which she starred with Justin Guarini. "I never wanted to be an actress," she recalled, "so I tried to get out of that movie, and I couldn’t"

Her kids have seen "UglyDolls," and Kelly said they loved it! "When they pay attention, you know it’s good. They loved the songs, they loved the characters." Calling it “heartbreaking” when she had to explain it was her voice, she said, “I had to tell them in the trailer... I think I broke the, like, wall down of smoke and mirrors of, like, Ella and Anna aren’t real, you know? 'Yeah, a person like Mommy says this voice, somebody sings...' and I saw it in her face and it broke my heart!"

"UglyDolls" is in theaters May 3.