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Kids on the Brain? What Gigi Hadid Plans to Buy with Her Sisters

Kids on the Brain? What Gigi Hadid Plans to Buy with Her Sisters

Last week, “Extra’s” special correspondent Megyn Ryte was backstage with Gigi Hadid at Variety Power of Women event in New York after she was honored for her work with UNICEF.

Gigi’s sisters — Bella, Marielle and Alana — were on hand for the special honor, but do they have plans to buy a family compound together? She answered, “We have a, like, family farm that we go to a lot… yeah, all four of us might, like, maybe one day buy something together somewhere just so we can have all our kids together in one place. Not that I have kids yet, but one of my sisters has kids.”

The 23-year-old is passionate about her work with kids through UNICEF, and loves playing soccer with them. She said, “When I was there in the refugee camp, I’m just another girl with a UNICEF shirt on and it's human interactions that are valued for what you’re doing there and the energy that you give while you are there.”

Pointing out that her work is a “learning process,” Hadid stressed, “A day in the life is really being there to ask people about their lives and go there to genuinely want to learn and understand their perspective, their wants, their desires and their dreams.”

She added, “I love being able to learn about so many different types of crisis in different type of communities and people and issues that people are dealing with and facing.”

The busy supermodel also shared how she balances the various aspects of her own life, saying, “I just try to learn every day about myself and find women who inspire me and tell them they inspire me and I think once that conversation is started and that energy starts to run through a friendship or a community, it’s really helpful. I always get so much courage from seeing other women share their light.”