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Sunny Hostin Opens Up on 'Scary' Whoopi Goldberg Health Situation

Sunny Hostin Opens Up on 'Scary' Whoopi Goldberg Health Situation
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"The View's" Sunny Hostin is talking about co-host and great friend Whoopi Goldberg's recent health scare — and she's not mincing words.

Us Weekly reports Hostin called Goldberg's double pneumonia "very scary."

She also told Us at the Best Friends Animal Society's Benefit to Save Them All in NYC last week, "What most people didn’t know is that we were visiting her in the hospital, so I had the chance to see her very, very sick, and it was scary because she is our rock and our moderator."

When Goldberg reappeared on the show on March 14, Hostin was relieved. “To see her come back and surprise us… it felt like home. I felt like everything was back to normal, so it’s been wonderful.

Contemplating a "View" without Goldberg really made Hostin stop and think. She told Us, "I think Joy has done a wonderful job of keeping our family together because she’s been with the show since the very beginning, and she really stepped in and stepped up and kept us together... but we are happy that Whoopi is back."

Commenting on Goldberg's reduced schedule so far, Hostin said, "She has to take her time because she was very, very, very sick."