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Céline Dion Takes on Pepe Muñoz Romance Rumors

Céline Dion Takes on Pepe Muñoz Romance Rumors

Powerhouse vocalist Céline Dion is hitting the road!

On Wednesday, Dion announced her first world tour in more than a decade with a concert in downtown L.A.

Along with promoting her Courage world tour, Dion addressed those pesky dating rumors, opening up about how she is still coping with losing her husband, René-Charles Angélil.

The five-time Grammy winner told “Extra’s” Renee Bargh that she named the tour in honor of the courage that helped her return to the stage after the deaths of her husband and brother Daniel in 2016. She said, “It was a challenge. It was a challenge to go back onstage. I didn't know if I was going to have the strength and the courage to sing again because René always sang with me. René was my second half.”

Céline also opened up about raising their children, René-Charles and twins Eddy and Nelson, without their father. She shared, “Raising the three boys, I was afraid that they were going to ask me about 'where's dad?' every day. I was afraid a little bit to not be cuddled at night. I was afraid to not have a partner to make me laugh…”

She does have friends that make her laugh, including her good friend Pepe Muñoz. The two have been the subject of romance rumors for over a year. Céline revealed, “At first, I felt for him quite a bit… Pepe is gay, and at first I think some people did not know that.”

“The thing is that he's my best friend and we dance together and he did so much for me and even just holding my hand… it's something that I haven't had for a long time… A hug from a 6' 3" man, it was wonderful… and people really thought there was a romance going on,” Dion continued. “He did so much for me, for my mental health, my spirituality, my strength… my inner strength.”

The 51-year-old has cultivated that positive energy, saying, “I share it with my kids and we sleep tight at night and we see stars... and I know René's with me.”