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Jon Bon Jovi on Going Into Business with His Son: 'He Leads by Example'

Jon Bon Jovi on Going Into Business with His Son: 'He Leads by Example'

Only "Extra" with Jon Bon Jovi and his son Jesse as they launched their Hampton Water wine in Los Angeles last week.

Jon, with over 100 million albums sold and with iconic hits like "Livin' on a Prayer," said he was so happy to be working with his eldest son. He shared, "I'm ecstatic… He and his college roommate came to me with an idea and I said, 'It’s a great idea…' They came back with the bottle, the label, the whole concept." Jon gushed over Jesse’s work ethic, saying, "He leads by example, which is the coolest thing I can say. He works really hard. He does all the work."

Jesse has a hard-working rock star dad to look up to, raving, "He's the best, are you kidding me? How could I ask for better than that?"

As for the best advice his dad has given him, Jesse said, "I think the whole thing is you just got to work hard every single day."

Jon is getting ready to go back on the road with his This House Is Not for Sale tour. Along with stopping at "26 stadiums," Bon Jovi is taking the show overseas. He dished, "Moscow — first time back there in 30 years, in the same building that I haven't been to in 30 years, and so it's sold out, it's a big event… It's like that kind of stuff — Wembley and Munich Olympic Stadium and Tel Aviv and Central Park. Big, big, big stuff."

While he gets to see his legion of fans, Jon pointed out that it "sucks" to be away from his family when he’s traveling.

Good thing Jesse is able to run the wine business! Jon elaborated, “But who would have ever thought 500,000 bottles the first year, Wine Spectator — the highest-rated rosé ever on their Top 100 list… and he did it."

Jesse added, “I think a lot of people look at it and, 'Whatever, Bon Jovi made a rosé, what do we care?' But to have these accolades, you know, it's a serious bottle of wine."