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Jimmy Kimmel on the Kardashians: 'They're Like Unicorns'

Jimmy Kimmel on the Kardashians: 'They're Like Unicorns'
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Jimmy Kimmel is taking “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” to his hometown of Las Vegas for a series of shows this week.

Kimmel joked with "Extra," "When I look back at young Jimmy, I think, 'Boy, I have gained a great deal of weight.'" Kidding aside, he said, "I wanted to be an artist, I wanted to draw comic books when I was a kid, and I just watched David Letterman a lot, and apparently so much that it formed the foundation of what I do now."

"We have been on the air for more than 16 years now," he said, "and this is the first time we have done the show from Vegas. I’ve always wanted to do it here, but I wanted to do it right... It’s sentimental. You drive around... I’m like, 'I used to go to this Arby’s, this is my junior high school.' Nobody cares, but I do.”

Giving "Extra" a sneak peek of what viewers will see, Kimmel said, "We have a lot of great guests. I commandeered a bachelorette party — they didn’t know that was going to happen... I put them on a bus and took them places. I went on a tour of my old neighborhood and knocked on the door of my childhood home at 1:30 a.m. and they let me in."

Kim, Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian will be guests as well! "I like them," he said. "I was skeptical. I was like everybody else. 'Why are these people celebrities?' But they really have good senses of humor about themselves, and I have come to really like them over the years... People like seeing them. They are like unicorns."

One person you won’t see is his frenemy, Matt Damon. “Matt Damon likes Las Vegas 'cause I’m from Las Vegas and he can’t help it," Kimmel said. "Everywhere I go, he has to be annoying me like a child... He will not be here. No, he’s banned."

Check out “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” from Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood this week on ABC.