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Jussie Smollett Story Dominates GLAAD Media Awards Red Carpet

Jussie Smollett Story Dominates GLAAD Media Awards Red Carpet

It was a big night for the LGBTQIA community at the 30th Annual GLAAD Media Awards.

"Extra's" Tanika Ray spoke with all the stars on the red carpet, where many commented on "Empire" star Jussie Smollett after all disorderly conduct charges against him were dropped.

Ross Mathews, hosting the awards for the sixth time, shared, "It’s so unfortunate, because we don’t know the facts, but I’ll tell you this fact, I will believe the victim until there is a reason not to.I want anyone who hears this who may be in the future or in the past have been a victim of a hate crime, we believe you if you come forward, don’t be afraid and think you have to prove extra. I believe you and I hate that these waters are muddy because it’s a shame."

“Blackish” star, Jenifer Lewis, a friend of Jussie’s family, emphasized, “We have been back and forth and back and forth, but what we want for Jussie, we want justice, whatever that justice is, that's what we want for him. I know Jussie's family, and I have great compassion for his mother at this time, and we all just have to have compassion no matter what."

“Dear White People” star Logan Browning stressed, "I just think we were all really quick in the beginning to go one way or the other, and this is a lesson for all of us to just take our time and slow down and not let the media be our research and do our own research, and also there are so many things in the world, you know, there are countries that are dealing with tsunamis and there are so many things to put our attention toward."

Olympian Adam Rippon added, "The scary thing is that when we all first heard of it, it didn’t feel that far off, that something like that could happen, and I think that that’s the kind of world we live in right now, that it’s scary and that there are people out there like that. Right now, we don’t really know what to think. I don’t really know what to think of the case right now, it just feels so, feels very muddy, but I remember hearing about the case first, that next morning, and I just got a pit in my stomach.”

“Grey’s Anatomy’s” Jake Borelli commented, "There is true fear surrounding these attacks… It was one of the first times walking the streets I was like, 'Oh, this could happen to anybody, anytime,' and I think what we need to pull out of this is there is a lot more that we need to do in order to help people continue to be safe and feel safer. I'm in the mindset where we need to look forward, and we need to as a community understand there's a lot more work to do.”