Drew Barrymore on 'Delicious' New Season of 'Santa Clarita Diet,' Plus: How She Balances Work & Family

Drew Barrymore on 'Delicious' New Season of 'Santa Clarita Diet,' Plus: How She Balances Work & Family
Charley Gallay/Getty for Netflix

Drew Barrymore hit the red carpet at the “Santa Clarita Diet” Season 3 premiere, where she gave us the scoop on what’s in store.

This season Drew’s character Sheila discovers she could give husband Joel (Timothy Olyphant) the gift of immortality, but will he take it?

Barrymore told “Extra,” "I think when you say ‘I do’ in a marriage, ‘until death do us part,’ if all of sudden the death didn't exist you would have a really interesting debate. Maybe we are mortal for a reason. Maybe love is finite. Or is it?"

Drew continued, "If you hypothetically did have that opportunity wouldn't you want not only to live forever but have all the people that you love be on that journey with you? I think it's a delicious storyline that gets you thinking about life and love and death. Those are pretty much the three big subjects we deal with everyday."

Barrymore also opened up about her own life and how she balances the roles of parent, actress and businesswoman. She not only has her own line of eyewear and cosmetics, but she just launched her own collection of home décor, Flower Home, on Thursday.

"I want to be super honest about it these days,” she said. “It isn't easy every day, and some days are better than others. Some days you feel like you are on top of the world and killing it and some days you feel (like) ‘I'm trying to find the will to live.’ Some days are a mixed bag of both."

She explained it is about directing your own dreams. “We have to not just go on the ride but figure out how to harness and direct the ride to our own dreams. I feel like no one does anything alone. It's always a collaborative dream effort. There are dream makers and you can't make your dreams by yourself"

For Drew, being a judge on “World's Best” was a dream for her, and her daughters were regular visitors to set. She would love for the show to come back for another season.

"They came to set. They loved it. That is part of why you choose to do things in life. You do things for your kids, for yourself. You do things you've never done before. Face your fears. You know, do things because you think your kids can watch. There are all different intentions but that one was just like, yeah, I want to do that. I want to watch it. I want to be a part of it. My kids will love it. Who gets to have this much fun going to work every day? It was a dream job."

"Santa Clarita Diet" Season 3 is streaming on Netflix now!