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How Julia Louis-Dreyfus Used Her Cancer Battle to Help Others

How Julia Louis-Dreyfus Used Her Cancer Battle to Help Others

Actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus is happy, healthy, and grateful following her recent battle with breast cancer.

Tuesday night, “Extra” caught up with Julia at the premiere of the final season of her hit HBO show “Veep,” where she opened up about how her illness has impacted her and others. She said, “I had an opportunity to help a lot of women, just through conversations. I raised a lot of money for women for reconstruction post-mastectomy. I was able to raise a lot of money for that organization called AiRS, and that gave me an enormous amount of comfort to be able to do that.”

What also helped Julia? Getting back to work on "Veep" and having the support of her co-stars. She shared, “These are my friends. We've really grown unbelievably close over these eight years, and so coming back to work on making funny stuff with my friends was as buoying as anything could possibly be.”

As for what fans can expect as “Veep” comes to an end, Louis-Dreyfus dished, “Selina Meyer is entering the race yet again. But there are some wicked twists and turns along the way.”

It wasn’t easy for Julia to bid farewell to the show, which has won her six Emmys in a row — a record for any performer. She admitted, “Saying goodbye was heartbreaking.”

Will there be a spin-off or movie in the future? She answered, “We haven’t gone there yet.”

“Veep” premieres Sunday on HBO.