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Sting Weighs in on College Admissions Scandal: ‘I’m Glad It Was Exposed’

Sting Weighs in on College Admissions Scandal: ‘I’m Glad It Was Exposed’

“Extra’s” Renee Bargh sat down with Grammy Award-winning musical artist Sting today at the Ahmanson Theater in L.A., where it was announced he will star in the Tony-nominated musical “The Last Ship” early next year. The show ran on Broadway in 2014, and was initially inspired by Sting's 1991 album "The Soul Cages" and his own childhood experiences growing up in England.

About the show, Sting told Renee, “It means a great deal because I’m telling the story of my town, the community that brought me up. It’s more of a debt really, I’m repaying a debt because that town made me who I am.” He added the show is very emotional for him, saying, “I spend a lot of the show holding back tears because it’s so personal to me. It’s a very emotional story. Sometimes I do actually cry.”

Sting also weighed in on the recent college admissions scandal, telling Renee, “I was kind of disgusted because poor kids aren’t given the chance to go to these colleges. I’m glad it was exposed. You shouldn’t hobble children with too much privilege. It stops them from having ambition. It’s a kind of cruelty.”

And what’s up next for him? He revealed, “I’m going to be in a film in France next week. It’s a spoof about ‘Camelot’ and I’m playing the leader of the Saxons who speaks very bad French. It’s perfect for me!”

“The Last Ship” will be part of the Ahmanson Theater’s 2019/2020 season and runs January 14-February 16, 2020.