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Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez Are ‘Really Happy’ After Their Engagement

Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez Are ‘Really Happy’ After Their Engagement

Hollywood power couple Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are on cloud nine after he popped the question during their Bahamas getaway earlier this month.

The newly engaged Jennifer told People magazine, “We’re really happy. We have an appreciation for where we are in our lives today, and that’s what we’re enjoying the most.”

Rodriguez added about their bond, which has gotten stronger over the past years, “We’re in similar places in our life… being born in New York, having Hispanic backgrounds, having two kids, and being in the public eye for almost three decades.”

While Rodriguez acknowledged the “ups and downs” of life in the spotlight, he said, “But we are not defined by our mistakes, and we get back to what matters.”

How do they make it work? She said, “We’re constantly supporting each other and thinking about all the things that we can build together.”

Alex also stressed how “grateful” he was for the relationship with Jennifer.

The pair are now joining forces in business, collaborating with Quay Australia. He shared of their first fashion campaign, “It was all new to me, but she’s the master. She’s put in her 10,000 hours.”

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Quay Australia

Jennifer recently shared about the sunglasses brand, “I fell in love with them, and I’ve worn them regularly since. When the opportunity to team up was presented, it felt so fitting. Getting to do this with Alex was a big bonus too. He loves sunglasses as much as I do.”