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Katherine Schwarzenegger on Her Instagram-Famous Rescue Dog!

Katherine Schwarzenegger on Her Instagram-Famous Rescue Dog!
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Katherine Schwarzenegger was solo as she attended the premiere of "Superpower Dogs" Saturday, where "Extra" caught up with her.

Katherine and fiancé Chris Pratt are real animal lovers, with the couple spending time on Pratt’s farm in Washington, where they recently posted photos of themselves with lamb and sheep.

"I’m definitely not a sheep farmer," Katherine said, laughing. "I’m an animal lover. From birth. I’ve been a big animal lover my entire life, and I have my rescue dog, Maverick."

Maverick's status as a rescue dog is important to Schwarzenegger, who said, "I’ve just really become involved in spreading awareness about animal rescue because I think it’s such an important cause, and that’s why I’m here today is to highlight all the amazing work that these dogs are doing, but also to be working with Pedigree, which is such an incredible brand that highlights all the great work that different rescue organizations are doing."

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Maverick is doing his part to raise awareness, including becoming Instagram-famous! "I need to be doing a better job on his account because he’s a very busy dog," she admitted, noting he "has a very wild and exciting life and I could be doing better with that... I have the children’s book called 'Maverick and Me,' which is teaching kids about animal rescue at a very young age."

Does she see more animal adoptions in her future? "I see adopting every animal I possibly can in my future," she confirmed.