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Pete Davidson Hilariously Addresses Kate Beckinsale Age Gap, as Ariana Steps Out with Ex

Pete Davidson Hilariously Addresses Kate Beckinsale Age Gap, as Ariana Steps Out with Ex
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Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande's love lives were making headlines this weekend!

Pete, 25, has broken his silence on his relationship with Kate Beckinsale, 45, in his own way — via a hilarious "SNL" monologue.

On Saturday's edition of the show, Davidson appeared on "Weekend Update" to address the hot-button topic of how we deal with the work of entertainers who stand accused of wrongdoing. The crowd reacted to his controversial opinions, but the take-away seems to be his postscript addressing of being in a May/December love relationship.

Cued by Colin Jost about Beckinsale — the comic and the "Underworld" star first sparked dating rumors after being spotted canoodling at a Golden Globes after-party — Davidson said, "Apparently people have a crazy fascination with our age difference. But it doesn’t really bother us. But then again, I’m new to this."

He went on to laundry-list a slew of famous people (curiously, mostly men older than their female partners) in age-gap relationships, saying, "So if you have questions about a relationship with a big age difference, just ask Leonardo DiCaprio, Jason Statham, Michael Douglas, Richard Gere, Jeff Goldblum, Scott Disick, Dane Cook, Derek Jeter, Bruce Willis, Harrison Ford, Tommy Lee, Alec Baldwin, Sean Penn, and whoever the president of France is [Emmanuel Macron], Mel Gibson, Billy Joel, Mick Jagger, Sylvester Stallone, Eddie Murphy, Kelsey Grammer, Larry King, Larry King, Larry King, Rod Stewart and Donald Trump."


Meanwhile, Ariana and former boyfriend Graham Phillips were spotted on a romantic date at Carbone in NYC.

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The exes met in 2008 while co-starring in the Broadway show "13." They dated for about three years, but split in 2011.

The sighting comes less than two weeks after Ariana was spotted with ex-boyfriend Big Sean!