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Chrissy Metz on Mandy Moore: ‘She Is a Tough Cookie'

Chrissy Metz on Mandy Moore: ‘She Is a Tough Cookie'

Chrissy Metz is standing by her “This Is Us” co-star Mandy Moore. “Extra’s” Tanika Ray caught up with Metz at Universal Studios Hollywood, where the actress spoke out about Mandy’s brave decision to go public about what she endured with her ex-husband Ryan Adams.

Mandy and six other women opened up to The New York Times about Adams, and Moore described him as “psychologically abusive.” After the article was published, Ryan tweeted an apology, but insisted “the picture that this article paints is upsettingly inaccurate.”

Chrissy said, “Mandy handles everything with such grace… we didn’t even know she was going through it until we knew the article was coming out. She just said I have to talk about it and I thought, ‘Oh wow, if she can talk about it, it’s going to help so many other people talk about things that are really difficult… She is completely supported and loved, she is a tough cookie.”

Tanika tried to get “This is Us” secrets and spoilers, since the cast just wrapped filming Season 3. Chrissy would only say, “I can’t tell you anything you don’t want to know!” This week’s episode left fans wondering what will happen to Kate and her unborn baby. She offered three words hinting at what is to come in the season finale, “Heartbreaking… challenging… uncertain.”

Metz touched on why the show resonates with viewers. “It’s real life… and people are going through a lot of really difficult things, and I think this show is helping people to do that, sorry!”

Fans are having a difficult time after rumors “This Is Us” will end after the sixth season. Chrissy said, “That’s the whisper, yeah,” adding that the writers know the timeline. “We would want to go out on a high note, and like, have some closure and have the audience really sort of ... happy, you know?”

Chrissy is taking on another project – sharing her financial journey for Turbo’s #realmoneytalk. The star explained she didn’t have a financial plan before landing her role as Kate. “I didn’t even have enough money to go to the callback, at least for gas.” Now she is helping others. “I think once we educate and once we talk, the fear goes away… there also comes a lot of responsibility with more money.”