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Model Elly Mayday Dead at 30

Model Elly Mayday has passed away at the age of 30.

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I’m sorry I haven’t updated you all on everything that’s happening. I’m not trying to create suspense or be dramatic (this isn’t a soap) although I wish it were sometimes so I could re write this story. I had a plan to take chemo and possibly have an operation to remove tumor and scar tissue, which is blocking my bowel from working. I’ve spent the past two days not having anything move through me. Consistently vomiting. This morning I went into ER and I’ve been admitted. The blockage is complete so we’re doing another tube to relieve the stress and pain. We’re gonna see what the plan is and hope it works so I can have chemo, then go forward with the operation in time. Thanks again so much for all the ❤️ I haven’t known what to say or how I’m going to do this the Mayday way but it’s coming together. Thanks for seeing me through another storm 😘 to all the beauties that sent me letters and crystals, candles and more, thank you! #ovariancancer #ellymayday #hospital #bestrong #onehellovawoman #medical #ovariancancersurvivor #thriver #bowelobstruction #bowel #cancer

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Mayday lost her long battle with ovarian cancer on March 1. Her family wrote on her social media accounts, “Ashley was a country girl at heart who had a passion for life that was undeniable. She dreamed of making an impact on people’s lives. She achieved this through the creation of Elly Mayday which allowed her to connect with all of you. Her constant support and love from her followers held a special place in her heart.”

Mayday had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer when she was 25. After undergoing chemotherapy, a hysterectomy, and tumor removal surgeries, things seemed to be getting better for Mayday, but she didn’t consider herself “cancer-free.” She told People magazine, “I’m as good as I can be.”

Unfortunately, her cancer returned and she spent much of the last year in a hospital. Two months before she died, she opened up about her decision to document her battle on Instagram, saying, “My choice to be public and try and share my strength was imminent. Helping is how I justify my time here is well spent. I’m lucky I have been able to combine it with the fun career of modeling, cause that’s also very me (hah no surprise). I appreciate everyone who lets me know I’ve made a difference, with my advice, my sharing, my photos and just my general approach to a real tough situation.”

After hearing of her death, Ashley Graham wrote on Instagram, “Elly was so sweet and kind and always have an incredible smile on her face. I love being around her. This makes me so sad…”

Tess Holliday added, “Absolutely heartbroken. The world just got a little dimmer 💔✨.”

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