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'The Voice' Singer Janice Freeman Dead at 33

'The Voice' Singer Janice Freeman Dead at 33
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Freeman in December 2018

Janice Freeman, a former competitor on "The Voice," died Saturday after battling bronchitis, meningitis, lupus, and finally suffering a blood clot in her lung, TMZ reports. She was 33.

Janice was home in West Covina, California, with her husband, Dion, when she felt short of breath. He called 911 and administered CPR until paramedics arrived. She died at a hospital at 5:30 p.m.

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Freeman has called Miley "my dog and my best friend."

She had done well on "The Voice," advancing to the Top 11 in 2017 and becoming one of Miley Cyrus's favorite contestants in the process. Miley posted an image of a rainbow on Instagram with a caption that reads, "Thank you @janicefreeman ... for everything. This represents you perfectly."

Janice is survived by her husband and her daughter.