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JoBros Reunite for ‘Sucker,’ and Priyanka, Sophie & Danielle Steal Spotlight in New Video!

Everyone’s talking about the new Jonas Brothers track “Sucker” and the new music video they released to go with it.

It’s the first song Nick, Joe and Kevin have released as a group in six years!

The lyrics are all about being a total sucker for someone, so it makes sense that the video features their better halves. For instance, they sing “I'm a sucker for you… You say the word and I'll go anywhere blindly.”

In fact, Nick’s wife Priyanka Chopra, Kevin’s wife Danielle and Joe’s fiancée Sophie Turner steal the spotlight in the video, as they enjoy the good life all glammed up on a fancy estate in England.

Watch the video to see the JoBros turn into total suckers for their leading ladies.

The brothers recently sat down Sirius XM’s "Morning Mash Up," where Nick revealed the women now refer to themselves as the J Sisters, saying “they shine in the video a lot more than us.”

Nick also explained how the reunion came to be, “We started making a documentary about a year and a half ago, which was really meant to just be about our childhood, our story while we were working together and then our lives now. What happened, though, is we started spending a lot of time together and I think we all kind of felt that there was a magic and there is a magic when we’re together that we really missed.”

While the trio has announced they are officially back, there is no word on when they might drop an entire album.