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Idris Elba Dishes on Royal Wedding DJ Gig, Plus: His Upcoming ‘SNL’ Appearance

Idris Elba Dishes on Royal Wedding DJ Gig, Plus: His Upcoming ‘SNL’ Appearance

Entertainer Idris Elba is combining two of his loves: being a father, and deejaying in his new Netflix show, “Turn Up Charlie," about a struggling DJ who works as a manny.

“Extra’s” Tanika Ray sat down with Elba to talk about the new show and the royal wedding!

When he isn’t busy with acting projects, Idris is a DJ! The British actor recently deejayed at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding, saying, “They were very happy for me to do my thing, but they said, 'These are the songs we like.'”

He added, “It was an amazing experience! I can’t remember what I played, but I had an amazing time and they enjoyed it.”

So what kind of DJ is he? He shared, “I’m sort of un-sociable as a DJ, but I’m learning to be better 'cause I get shy and put my head down, but it depends on the type of vibe and type of set-up I have… If I have a stage that’s far enough way, I have to emulate, I have to give some energy.”

Fans are getting ready to enjoy his set at Coachella, which will be his first time playing and attending the music festival. He said, “That’s what makes it even more special, that it's my first time there.”

He is also hosting "SNL" March 9, which he admitted is making him nervous! Elba explained, “It’s one thing to be in a show to play a nanny or a manny and 'SNL' — wow! I’m suffering from excitement.”

He teased his appearance, dishing, “Well, I’m gonna keep it a surprise, but I think people are gonna be surprised by where I go.”

Meanwhile, Idris is fresh off Milan Fashion Week with fiancée Sabrina Dhowre, who he said wasn’t in search of a wedding dress while there. He commented, “No, that’s all covered in another area. We went to see Versace and have a good time with Donatella."

As for what they love to do when they have down time, Idris said, ”The best thing chill and watch a movie or watch a documentary." He also spends time "on my Xbox playing FIFA."

Sabrina is a gamer herself, but one “who doesn’t like Fifa,” preferring “first-person shooters.”

As for “Turn Up Charlie,” he pointed out, "I love being a parent and I’m goofy with my kids — I think that’s a side of me that I haven’t been getting into any roles, and I get to be a little lighthearted and be a little more playful, so I just wanted to find a way to do it." He went on to stress, "Obviously, music is a love of mine, the kids are a love of mine, and somehow we just managed to pull the two strands together and try to make a human story that I hope people resonate with.”

"Turn Up Charlie" premieres on Netflix on March 15.