North West Makes Her Solo Magazine Cover Debut!

She’s just 5 years old and North West is already a cover model!

JUCO/WWD's Beauty Inc

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s daughter posed for her first solo cover, for WWD’s Beauty Inc.

JUCO was behind the camera for the colorful shoot. In one pic, North poses in a sheer pink dress and rainbow Docs, and in another she grins in diamond-shaped sunglasses while holding an umbrella. Another photo shows West smiling in purple and sporting some serious eyeliner.

Proud mom Kim wrote on Instagram, "My most stylish and beautiful baby girl North shot her 1st cover for @wwd !!!! She loves fashion & beauty and has so much fun doing this!"

JUCO/WWD's Beauty Inc

The reality star went on to tweet, "I'm seriously so proud of my Northie! She picked her looks and eyeliner color and is so involved and loves fashion & beauty so much so she has the best time at her @wwd shoot! Kanye & I always say she's Kristen Crawley's style twin."

Meanwhile, Aunt Kylie Jenner tweeted, "giving me a run for my money that's for sure."

The magazine also praised her, writing, “We’ve watched North West grow on Instagram and ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ and magazines — here, she poses for her first solo cover. Her distinct fashion sense belies her age, and lately, so does her eye for makeup.”

JUCO/WWD's Beauty Inc

North was chosen as the face of an article about the coming “youthquake” and what it means to the beauty world.

Beauty Inc says that by 2025, nearly half the population will be under the age of 17.

“West, whether she knows it or not, is at the forefront of a generation that is highly connected, engaged with fashion and beauty and individualistic in style. Called Alpha, signifying a new beginning, this age group is unlike any the world has ever seen.”

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