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Khloé Kardashian Reveals Her State of Mind After Tristan Thompson Split

Khloé Kardashian Reveals Her State of Mind After Tristan Thompson Split

Days after news broke about her breakup with Tristan Thompson, Khloé Kardashian is documenting how she feels on Instagram.

On Thursday, Kardashian shared several quotes on her Instagram Story. One post read, “The worst pain is gettin hurt by a person you explained your pain to.”

Khloé posted another quote, which read, “Somebody needs to hear this … That betrayal was your blessing.”


While she doesn’t name Tristan outright, she mentioned another quote, “If they ask you about me, tell them: ‘She was the only person that loved me honestly, and I broke her.'”

A source told People magazine, "Khloé is doing okay. She’s still upset about what happened and talks about it a lot. But it really seems she is able to see what everyone else has been seeing for so long — that she was always too good for Tristan."

Hours after her posts, Kardashian stepped out for the Pretty Little Things launch in West Hollywood, where she was joined by BFF Malika Haqq. TMZ reports that she considered canceling her appearance, but didn’t want to disappoint anyone.

After hearing reports that Thompson cheated with Kylie Jenner’s best friend Jordyn Woods, Malika wrote on Instagram in a now-deleted comment, “These h— ain’t loyal.” The comments were in response to a meme of Kylie’s daughter Stormi waving bye with the caption, “Stormi in Calabasas waiting for Jordyn to pack her s— and get out of Kylie’s house like…”

People reports that Woods has moved out of Kylie’s home. A source shared, “It’s been a difficult time and she’s broken up about it. She’s heading home to be with her mom.”

Another insider shared with the publication, “Jordyn has been like Kylie’s sister. They were inseparable, and always together. Jordyn often helped Kylie with Stormi. Kylie was always so excited to have Jordyn around. It seems Kylie isn’t sure what to do, but it seems impossible for her to keep Jordyn around.”

Khloé’s sister Kim has unfollowed both on Instagram. Kendall Jenner has also unfollowed Tristan.

A source told People magazine, “The whole family is furious. They were blindsided… When they first started hearing on Monday that Tristan made out with Jordyn, no one really believed it. That Tristan would be inappropriate, yes everyone knows that he can’t behave, but that Jordyn would make out with him, it first seemed like a made up rumor. Several family members reached out to people they believed had been at the party. And they were told it was true.”

Tristan responded to the cheating rumors in a now-deleted tweet, saying, “FAKE NEWS.”