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Kim Kardashian Dishes on Kanye West’s Gone-Viral Valentine’s Day Gift

Kim Kardashian Dishes on Kanye West’s Gone-Viral Valentine’s Day Gift

Only “Extra” was with Kim Kardashian to dish on the epic Valentine's Day present husband Kanye West gave her — a rose-filled room with none other than Kenny G playing his sax!

Kim gushed, “He's on another level when it comes to thoughtfulness.”

As for how the surprise went down, Kardashian shared, “I was running out the door to go be the class mom for my daughter's Valentine's Day. And so I run outside and Kanye's there… And he's like, 'Wait, Babe, come over…' So he brings me in the living room. And I just see all these roses and Kenny G in my living room and it was so cool and so special.”

“I've known Kenny G for the longest time, when I was doing my eBay closet business,” she continued. “I don't know if anyone knows this — him and his ex-wife were one of my first clients. He is the nicest person ever, and I am so honored that he was in my living room for Valentine’s Day.”

How can she top Kanye’s gift? She commented, “No one does it like him. You can't really top it… I think I come pretty close on certain things that I do.”

Kim was out for the evening Sunday in a dare-to-bare vintage black Thierry Mugler gown at the Hollywood Beauty Awards with her hairstylist Chris Appleton, to whom she presented an award. She raved, “He is the most amazing hairstylist and has transformed my hair.”

Along with pointing out that she doesn’t know where she’d be without her glam squad, Kim said, “Glam teams really do so much for so many people's lives. I love and respect my glam team. I think people really underestimate the power of just how good you can feel when you're all done up.”

Chris chimed in, “We vibe off each other. We play around with ideas. And you create some amazing moments.”

Kim emphasized that stylists really do see everything, saying, “You let people into your homes, your lives, your kids, your husband. You're in your pajamas. They see the worst of you… We both equally get just as excited when a look is good.”

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