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Shawn Mendes Looks 'Abs' Fab in New CK Underwear Pics!

Shawn Mendes Looks 'Abs' Fab in New CK Underwear Pics!
Calvin Klein

Shawn Mendes, apparently having time on his hands, decided to break the Internet this weekend β€” the "Stitches" singer dropped his britches!

The 20-year-old Grammy nominee posted two fresh images of himself in Calvin Klein underwear, letting fans know, "Campaign coming this week."

The shots, which show off his killer abs, seem to have been released in response to fans spotting the new imagery in stores without any advance word from the fashion brand. One fan posted a short snippet of video that showed Shawn zipping up in a hotel room and a quick flash of a model who appears to be Kendall Jenner:

Remember when we were freaking out over a glimpse of Shawn's biceps at the Grammys? Yeah, well, those days are gone now that we've seen the singer lounging in white, blue, and black Calvins. The images seem to be meant to capture Shawn in everyday settings β€” a hotel room, a kitchen, a den.

Recently, a fan asked Shawn if he might be a CK underwear model, to which he replied coyly, "Maybe one day."

That day has come.