Sonequa Martin-Green on Michael’s ‘Emotionality and Pain’ in ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 2

“Star Trek: Discovery” leading lady Sonequa Martin-Green is gracing the cover of emmy magazine!

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The star opens up about the hit show, currently in its second season on CBS All Access.

Martin-Green, who plays science specialist Michael Burnham, acknowledges the tone has changed this season.

She explained, “In Season 1, we were in the middle of the Klingon War, and Season 2 is the aftermath.”

Mike Ruiz/emmy magazine

Michael felt conflicted, considering she was raised by Klingons, and Sonequa says there was “a lot of mess” in the wake of the war. “We don’t shy away from any of that. We just unpack it all.”

The 33-year-old also notes the characters are “not complete yet” and “still figuring out who they are.”

One thing she loves is that “Discovery” is from the perspective of a crew member, and not the captain.

“That makes for great, raw storytelling because you don’t see polished professionalism all the time,” she said. “You see emotionality and pain — what my character is fighting against and what she’s trying to overcome so she can be the sort of person she needs to be in Starfleet.”

Sonequa also weighed in on the show’s new captain Christopher Pike, played by Anson Mount.

Mike Ruiz/emmy magazine

“The crew is suffering from a little bit of post-traumatic stress,” she said. “And Pike comes in with all his kindness, humility and levity and really steers us back on course.”

That’s not all! Check out the exclusive video of Sonequa’s photo shoot, in which he dishes on which “Star Trek” tech she wishes she had in her life and more.

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