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Ricki Lake Gushes About Her New Love and the Hardest Part of Being on ‘Masked Singer’

The mask is off!

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This is what happy looks like. ❤️

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Last night, actress, producer and Emmy Award-winning talk show host Ricki Lake was revealed as the Raven on FOX’s hit series “The Masked Singer.”

On Thursday morning, “Extra’s” Renee Bargh spoke with Ricki at Universal Studios Hollywood, where she opened up about the show — and her new man! Along with saying she's “doing well,” Ricki dished, “I just revealed that I have a new love in my life, so that’s been really surprising and special, and I do believe my husband brought him to me. It’s wonderful. His name is Jeff Scult and he’s very special. I’m in awe and I admire him and I’m very grateful.“

Ricki’s late husband Christian Evans took his own life in 2017. Ricki added, “Monday will be the anniversary of his death. It will be two years on the 11th of February, so for me, it’s coming full circle.”

As for why she chose the character of the Raven on “The Masked Singer,” Ricki explained, “First of all, black is slimming! That was number one, but I’ve been through some darkness. I’ve literally been the phoenix rising from the ashes and so it really resonated with me and my story of losing my husband, and it was just a cathartic journey.”

How hard was it for Ricki to keep the secret from friends and family? Ricki shared, “I’m an open book. If anyone grew up watching me on TV, I talk about everything, I share, I’m an oversharer, so for me, the hardest part of this job was keeping my mouth shut!”

"The Masked Singer" airs Wednesdays on FOX.