Bret Baier Reflects on Montana Car Crash, and Gives His Take on Political Landscape

Bret Baier Reflects on Montana Car Crash, and Gives His Take on Political Landscape

“Extra’s” AJ Calloway was with Bret Baier on the set of “Special Report” as he celebrated 10 years with the FOX News show.

Bret is back to work after being involved in a car crash with his family in Montana at the end of January, “We were coming back from skiing, and just a mile from the airport and tried to step on the brakes, and slid through the intersection, and got plowed by a pickup truck. The windshield busted, airbags went off and we flipped into a ditch. I got my wife and two kids in the Jeep, fortunately we were okay, we got out unscathed, 14 stitches, a concussion, a lost tooth and sprained ankle, we were really blessed.”

The host and executive editor of "Special Report” continued, “It gives you a wake-up call. First, always wear your seat belt, don’t even joke about it, even if you are in an Uber. Two, it just gives you a wake-up call on how blessed we are to enjoy the time you have, 'cause it could change in a second.”

Baier also talked about President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address, calling it a “big night.”

“It was kind of long, State of the Unions are tough... they are usually a shopping list of what the President wants to get done. This one had some inspirational moments… it changed the dynamics of the speech, and I think worked out for the President overall.”

AJ asked about the viral photo of Nancy Pelosi clapping. “It’s now a divided government, and it’s a different deal.”

Bret brought up the many congresswomen making a statement in white. “The white outfits in the audience... they are all in the job 'cause they ran against him.” He added, “There was clearly a unified message from the Democrats about 100 years since suffrage.”

Of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who everyone is talking about, he said, “AOC, she’s on fire as far as attention, she has more Twitter followers than the Speaker of House, and arguably she has more influence when she says things about policy on the Democratic side. It’s going to be fascinating to watch her rise and what happens to her on a policy perspective.”

Baier weighed in on whether the President will run again in 2020. “I think he’s going to run, think it’s pretty clear he’s going to run. Last night was part of that race, it’s going to be fascinating. I think Twitter will be very active.”

Does Trump overuse social media? Bret said, “He’s used it as a printing press. His supporters would say take it easy on Twitter, but I think he would say it’s a benefit… I don’t think politics is ever going to be the same after Donald Trump.”

The anchor offered his take on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. “I think it’s coming to a head... we don’t know what we don’t know. I think there is a lot we have to learn about the Mueller probe. It’s going to be explosive no matter what happens.” Talking about the climate in D.C., he said, “It is intense. People are on edge waiting for every day... I’m hearing within a month, but I heard that a month ago.”

Cardi B has been getting attention for her recent political comments. Bret explained, “It’s not about experience, it’s about eyeballs and ability to connect.” Bret has some rapping skills himself, which were revealed after he jumped onstage with the Sugar Hill Gang at a “Special Report” Christmas party.

“We tracked down the Sugar Hill Gang and got them for our Christmas Party, and I remembered that rap from high school... always had it in my head, and they said, 'Come on up!' And that’s what happened… I think we may have gained a viewer or two,” he said.

As for his tenure on the No. 1 cable news station FOX News, he smiled, “It’s been quite a run! I think it’s because we’re still scrappy we have been number one for a long time… we’re really trying to be fair to both sides.”

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