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'Extra' Exclusive! Serena Williams’ Surprise Revelation About Online Dating

Along with being one of the greatest tennis players of all time, Serena Williams is also a happily married mom.

Now, Williams is teaming up with dating app Bumble as an advisor, starring in their Super Bowl commercial.

“Extra’s” special correspondent, InStyle editor Kahlana Barfield Brown, spoke with Serena, who revealed a “little-known fact,” saying, “I was briefly on Bumble at one point.”

The dating app is not how she met her husband, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, though. She shared, “I technically made the first move. It wasn’t romantically, though. When I saw my husband we met totally randomly in Rome… and I wanted to get to know him better on a business level… So that’s kinda how that happened, but I’m glad I made the first move.”

Serena is encouraging others to make their first move with Bumble. She commented, “A few of my friends are on it all the time and now that I’m an advisor they’re really like, 'Okay what do I do? How do I get set up?' It's really cool.”

She went on, “I have edited a few profiles and it’s fun.”

Williams emphasized that Bumble is not just for dating, saying, “It’s also just online connecting. You connect to meet people whether you want help with your business or to meet someone, or you want friends.”