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Lion Attack! Nina Dobrev Describes Her Near-Death Experience in Africa

Lion Attack! Nina Dobrev Describes Her Near-Death Experience in Africa

Fresh off celebrating her 30th birthday, Nina Dobrev joined “Extra’s” Tanika Ray at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Nina was still in party mode, looking chic in an animal-print blouse and matching pants. She shared of her look, “It's Africa-inspired. I was just in Africa a few days ago and mentally I’m still there even though physically I’m home.”

Nina celebrated her big day at an African oasis, saying, “I’ve always wanted to go to South Africa. It was fun, and the safari part of it was the best part… There were elephants drinking out of our pool, we saw leopards, and at one point a lion actually charged at us!”

Dobrev explained, “The lion opened its mouth and tried to attack us, and our guide was like a real-life Indiana Jones and roared back at him and scared the lion off… The closest I’ve been to death so far in my life, and I’ve done some crazy s***.”

After returning from South Africa, Nina had a star-studded Coachella-themed party, dancing the night away with Zedd and famous friends like Vin Diesel. She joked, “I'm pretty sure I’m still currently hung over, and my party was… days ago.”


Now, she is back to work, starring in the new CBS comedy “Fam"!

She dished, “So it’s about a hot-mess twenty-something girl played by myself who is engaged to the man of her dreams, and she tells him her whole family has died because she never wants him to meet them… He comes from a perfect family. She wants to join the family and continue on with them because she loves them so much."

Of course, things don't go as she planned!

"The family shows up and threatens to ruin everything," she revealed. "Honestly, it just gets better and better as the season goes on!”

“Fam” airs Thursday nights on CBS.