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Sean Hannity Grades Donald Trump’s First 2 Years in the White House

Fox News anchor Sean Hannity has hit a major milestone, celebrating 10 years of “Hannity.”

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“Extra’s” AJ Calloway spoke with Hannity on the set of cable TV’s number one show on cable's number one network. The host has loved "Hannity" since day one. He dished, “I live, eat, breathe, sleep this.”

Breaking down all the political news as President Trump’s border wall battle with Congress hits the 26th day, Hannity said, “I don't like the government shutdown, I don't like the furlough — but it's necessary.”

What does he say to the furloughed workers? He answered, “They're gonna get their money back,” adding, “Which is important. But the other side... they're offering a dollar for border security. Five years ago, they all voted for a border wall. But now that Trump wants it, we can't support it now because he wants it?”

Hannity was referring to a 2013 bill requiring border fencing that most Democrats supported.

The newsman has interviewed the President many times since he took office, noting, “I think he's grown into the job.”

“Donald Trump is never going to be the establishment president that people want,” Hannity commented.

Hannity is still giving him a top grade, saying, “Absolutely an A.” He also predicted that Trump will “absolutely” run in 2020. "When he finally leaves office, you know who's gonna miss him the most? All these networks that hate him… He goes away, they're gonna be needing Trump rehab, 'cause they need their daily Trump-hate fix. He plays them. He's smart.”

Of Trump’s decision to feed the Clemson team fast food, Hannity said, “Thought it was awesome. Government shutdown. He paid for it himself. That's all the food I like to eat but can't.”

“Hannity” airs at 9 p.m. on Fox News.