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Kate Hudson Gushes About Her ‘Delicate’ Baby Girl Rani Rose

Kate Hudson Gushes About Her ‘Delicate’ Baby Girl Rani Rose

Kate Hudson is just glowing after welcoming her baby girl Rani Rose!

“Extra’s” AJ Calloway sat down with Hudson, who gushed about her new addition and her partnership with WW.

The 39-year-old, who has two older boys, laughed when asked what is different this time round, saying, “She has a vagina, so that’s very different for everyone involved, the diapers are much easier.”

Kate gushed over her baby girl, saying, “She’s very feminine so her energy is very feminine so for all of us, it’s a very masculine heavy household, to have this little feminine energy and her coo’s and ahh’s, are very high pitched, she’s definitely a soprano, and we’re all just like oh my god cause she’s so delicate.”

Rani is 3 months old now, with Kate sharing, “She’s starting to get less delicate, she’s starting to get the rolls…She’s so cute.”

Kate recently signed on as an ambassador for WW, getting a chance to work with Oprah of course. She said, “I love her so much. She’s always so warm and you think what would Oprah do…Then you get to know her personally and she does have great advice… She’s an inspiring woman, I feel very lucky to be in business with her, she inspires me with her body positivity.” Kate, who has been in the wellness space for 5 years now with her Fabletics line, explained why she is a global ambassador now with the company formerly known as Weight Watchers, saying, “An opportunity for people to understand how to get healthier in the way that they want to get healthier.”

She emphasized, “It’s not about losing weight.” Hudson also dished on her upcoming 40th birthday, dishing, “I will probably do something with all my friends… I might be on a world food program mission which would be really great for my birthday… I would really like to go to Bangladesh to the refugee camp there with the world food program.”

She added, “I’m definitely going to have a party party.”

One thing Kate wants to accomplish in her forties? She commented, “I still haven’t directed a movie.”