Chevel Shepherd Wins ‘The Voice’ Season 15

Chevel Shepherd Wins ‘The Voice’ Season 15

Last night, Chevel Shepherd was crowned the new winner of “The Voice.”

On Wednesday, "Extra's" Mario Lopez spoke with Chevel, who admitted that she only got a "little bit" of sleep after her win, adding, "I'm surprisingly hyper... I'll catch up on my sleep."

Of her initial reaction to hearing her name called as the winner, Chevel shared, "It was crazy. I looked shocked... I was still trying to process it in my head, the fact that I won 'The Voice.' I have been dreaming about it since I was a little girl."

Shepherd acknowledged that she "made history" by becoming the first country singer to win, who wasn't on Blake Shelton's team.

As for coach Kelly Clakson's best advice, Chevel emphasized, "She told me to be myself and to not worry about winning, just to go out there and have lots of fun."

Shepherd also opened on her upcoming plans, saying, "I'm going to go home and hang out with all the people who are in my town and thank them personally and then, I'm going to start working on an album with Kelly."

At the end of their chat, Chevel showed off her hidden talents. Watch!

On Tuesday, following the season finale, Chevel told reporters in a press conference, “I never knew exactly when I knew I could win, but I wanted to get as far as I could and just show the world what and who Chevel is on the show. So, here I am sitting and I won!”

The 16-year-old made Kelly proud, giving the hitmaker her second consecutive win. Kelly shared, “I, obviously, believed in her since the Blinds. It is so hard to get country people on your team if you are not Blake Shelton. No one has ever beat him with a country artist. I don’t even know what to say right now.”

On Monday, Shepherd wowed America with her original single “Broken Hearts,” which was originally intended for Kelly. Of the song, Kelly said, “The writers of the song are so excited. It is going so well. One of them specifically has written a billion No. 1s in country music. I know Chevel loves Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton. She loves that old-school country. I want to make sure [her single] is exactly her sound. There is totally a way we can make her sound nowadays. I want to thank Chris Stapleton and Kacey Musgraves for bringing back that old vibe of country music and enabling us to do that. I want to make sure she makes the record she wants to make before she goes out. I understand that more than anyone. I had to fight really hard after I won to make sure it was me. I want to do that for her. I want to make it amazing.”