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Sandra Bullock Reveals Why She ‘Panicked’ Over Her Kids

Sandra Bullock Reveals Why She ‘Panicked’ Over Her Kids

Last night, Sandra Bullock was radiant in red as she premiered her new Nextflix movie, “Bird Box” in New York.

“Extra’s” AJ Calloway spoke with Sandra, who is all ready for the holidays! Bullock, in a Martin Grant Gown, smiled, saying, “I didn’t even think about that, now I just need to hang some tinsel on me and I’m set.”

Bullock has been all set for Christmas at home for a month. She explained, “I started Christmas about two weeks before Thanksgiving… Tree goes up… I was traveling a lot, I wanted my kids to have the feeling 'cause it feels like it comes and goes you don’t get to appreciate it cause you’re running around doing the gift thing and I’m like we’re not enjoying Christmas thoroughly.”

Sandra, a mother of two, gushed about her kids, who are “amazing.” She continued, “I kept them alive… There’s a little cold today. I panicked, the doctor's on his way. 'Course it happens when I’m gone, but it’s gonna be fine.”

Her son Louis “doesn’t care” about his famous mom being an actress. She shared, “I’m not Spider-Man so it doesn’t matter. If I was in a Spider-Man movie, I'd be the most amazing mother ever.”

Bullock added, “I need to be hanging from stuff, I can’t just be the mom… I've got to be, like, Spider-Mom.”

In "Bird Box," Sandra is playing a woman trying to save her family after a mysterious force begins to wipe out the world one look at a time. She had to shoot scenes blindfolded. She pointed out, “It’s kinda like motherhood. I feel like I know nothing, I’m inept, I feel like something is going to happen any moment — it kind of feels like your running blind.”