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'HQ Trivia' CEO Colin Kroll Dead at 35

'HQ Trivia' CEO Colin Kroll Dead at 35
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Colin Kroll, the CEO and one of the founders of the "HQ Trivia" app and a co-founder of Vine, has died, TMZ reports.

Kroll's death was apparently the result of a drug overdose, possibly cocaine and heroin.

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His girlfriend called police early Sunday to perform a welfare check when she was unable to reach him. When police entered his downtown Manhattan apartment, they found his lieless body, as well as drug paraphernalia.

Kroll had been CEO of "HQ Trivia" since 2015, after his firing from Twitter for being a "bad manager." He reportedly made women at that company "uncomfortable," but no claims were filed. TMZ reports there was a human resources complaint against Kroll at "HQ Trivia" over his "aggressive management style."