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Kenya Moore Debuts Daughter Brooklyn, Tells Scary Birth Story

Hello, baby!

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Kenya Moore is showing off her daughter Brooklyn, who was born November 4.

After sharing glimpses of the little girl, Kenya posted a pic of husband Marc Daly holding Brooklyn over his shoulder.

She added the caption, “Daddy’s little girl #brooklyndaly #babydaly #love #family.”

Moore also shared a mommy-daughter pic with People as part of her scary birth experience.

The 47-year-old revealed her pregnancy was high-risk and there were “so many scares along the way.”

“We held our breath every time we went to the doctor,” she said.

In October, she was diagnosed with preeclampsia, a serious combination of fluid retention and high blood pressure.

Kenya was monitoring her symptoms. When her blood pressure reading was “through the roof and climbing,” doctors decided it was time for her to have the baby.

“It was all happening so fast,” she said, explaining that Marc was on a plane to Atlanta at the time.

Moore said, “I started crying because I got so scared. I couldn’t get a hold of Marc, I didn’t know what was going to happen. I just remember feeling overwhelmed with emotion. It was really tough.”

Thankfully Marc made it in time, but Kenya’s C-section was complicated by fibroids, and doctors had to make horizontal and vertical incisions.

“They couldn’t get the baby out,” she said. “There were all these complications and they knew if they cut into a fibroid, I could potentially bleed out and die. So they ended up cutting me vertically, too, to just get the baby out and make sure I survived the surgery. They were so scared they were going to lose me.”

Her epidural ran out during the three-hour surgery and she had to be given anesthesia. “When it was all over, my doctor said, ‘This was one for the books.’”

Moore described meeting her daughter afterward, saying, “She was just so perfect, so tiny. And just like that, all my dreams had come true.”