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Joe Manganiello Hints at Holiday Plans with Sofía Vergara

Joe Manganiello Hints at Holiday Plans with Sofía Vergara

Actor Joe Manganiello has expanded his Death Saves brand to a pop-up shop!

“Extra’s” Mark Wright caught up with Joe at his streetwear’s pop-up event at BAIT in Los Angeles, where he dished on his holiday plans with wife Sofía Vergara.

The 41-year-old shared, “We're gonna skip town… To parts unknown.”

When asked if they were going somewhere romantic, hot or cold, Joe smiled, saying, “The romance? That's always hot.”

Playing coy on the location, Joe commented, “Let me say this, I've never been skiing in my life. Do with that information what you wish.”

The hot couple are also working together on the upcoming movie “Stano.” Along with the “great” experience, Joe dished, “I knew that part was going to be great for her when I read the script years before I ever met her, so she was the one I wanted to cast in it initially, and then we wound up married.”

Before their getaway, Joe will be working on the pop-up for his Death Saves brand, which runs through Saturday. He said he worked the register for the opening and he'll be there sporadically.

Explaining the venture, Manganiello emphasized, “I wanted to make a bunch of bad-ass, heavy-metal-fantasy-themed gear for me to wear… I'm a fan of the genre, so I figured I'd just make my own streetwear line and wear what I want to wear.”