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Why Eva Longoria Is Taking Time on Her Post-Baby Body

Why Eva Longoria Is Taking Time on Her Post-Baby Body

It was Mommy’s night out for Eva Longoria in New York City!

“Extra” caught up with Longoria, who gave an update on baby Santiago as she and her husband get ready to celebrate his first Christmas. She said, “I'm so excited… you know, we had our first Halloween, which was a blast, we had Thanksgiving, which was awesome, and now it's his first Christmas, so all these firsts are so exciting and eventful and I'm capturing every moment of his life in pictures."

"We're gonna start our new traditions with him," she said, beaming.

The 43-year-old is enjoying motherhood and in no rush to get back to her pre-baby body. She shared, “Well, I don't really succumb to any pressures outside of myself, but I really gave my body time to heal and just embrace... I was breastfeeding and just enjoying postpartum and basking in his energy and this beautiful life I created, and so I was very forgiving to my body because it created a human!" She went on to say, "It's just now I'm starting to get back to working out and dieting… but not even hardcore, just like, you know what? 'et's start… let's start to do some movements, see what happens.”

Longoria, a L'Oréal Paris Ambassador, enjoyed a night out at the brand’s annual Women of Worth Awards. Proud of the strides woman are making, she pointed out, "We're finding our voices and our power every day, and there's a struggle to do that in every industry — not just Hollywood, in every industry — so to see a big company like L'Oréal doing the work and representing this slogan, which is, 'You're worth it,' making sure women are finding their worth in life, is really important.”