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LOL! Sandra Bullock Pokes Fun at Her Ageless Beauty

LOL! Sandra Bullock Pokes Fun at Her Ageless Beauty

Sandra Bullock is taking on the dark side in her new thriller “Bird Box,” which has her fighting for survival!

“Extra’s” Tanika Ray sat down with Bullock, who is looking amazing at 54. Joined by co-star Trevante Rhodes, she joked about her ageless beauty, saying, “It’s called spiders in the tub… At the end of the work day, I go lounge in the tub and I’m like [pretending to pulling off lashes] and Louis comes in and goes, 'Mama, there are spiders in the tub,' and I go, 'No, that’s just Mama’s face from work today…' It’s like the whole face comes off and stays on the ring of the tub.”

Rhodes chimed in, saying, “She works out every day.” Bullock laughed, joking, “I’m on the Tre regime. Every day, 5 a.m.”

Sandra recently donated $100,000 to help animals affected by the California fires. She said, “Got to sprinkle the love, got to sprinkle the goods, what good is it sitting at home when it’s not doing anything.”

Her kids, Louis and Laila, are also getting in on the charity work this holiday season. Sandra commented, “I’m into making memories. This year, the kids said they are only going to do three presents, little presents, and the rest goes to kids who lost things in the fire, and then we stay grateful.”

As for their movie about a woman trying to keep her kids safe after a mysterious force starts wiping out the world, Sandra and Trevante said they were scared watching the final cut. Trevante said, “It puts me on the edge of the seat.” Sandra emphasized, “Makes me really nervous. It’s like a consistent nervousness. You’re like, 'Please, let something positive happen at the end of this ride.'”

Both Bullock and Rhodes actually read the script for “Bird Box” eight years ago. Sandra shared, “It was really intriguing, yet it didn’t feel like there was anything other than just this ride, and then we read it two years ago; I’m convinced they did work on it, they said they didn’t.”

“Bird Box” hits theaters December 21.