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Christie Brinkley Wants a Grandchild, Plus: Her Thanksgiving Plans

Iconic supermodel Christie Brinkley is looking better than ever.

“Extra’s” AJ Calloway sat down with Christie, who opened up about her life.

The 64-year-old is a native of California, watching the fires unfold in her home state. She said, “I'm from California, and it's really hard to turn on the TV and watch my hometown burn and watch people’s lives go up in ash… We all need to give back every which way we can. What a gut-wrenching tragedy going on.”

Getting serious about our planet, Brinkley emphasized, “Global warming is real and it is upon us right now. This is no longer something in the future, this was predicted.”

"This is a cycle that is going to continue unless we, as people, break it… This is unfair to our children, to the future generations to be behaving like this. We need to put our babies and our grandchildren — I wish I had a grandchild,” she added. “Hint, hint… but can we all just do that, please? Can we all just work together to protect our planet?"

Her wish for a grandchild may come true soon, since her daughter Alexa Ray is engaged to restaurateur Ryan Gleason. Christie dished, “She just said to me a couple days ago, 'You know, Mom, I think it's time we seriously start to plan…' I was like, 'Okay.'"

Of her Thanksgiving plans, Brinkley shared, “I’m cooking up a storm… We decided, 'Let's do old-fashioned Thanksgiving at home…' Always like to bake. I make the best pecan pie ever.”

Brinkley is bringing her experience to the Lifetime show “America’s Next Beauty Star.” On joining the show for its second season as a judge, she said, “We had a blast.”

Christie also gushed about the show’s host Ashley Graham, saying, “Ashley's a great host… She always knows how to say it to build people's confidence — that's what she does.”