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Video! Ashley Graham Shares Boob Tape Fail

Ashley Graham tried boob taping for the first time… and failed!

The fashion trick became popular when Kim Kardashian revealed she uses gaffer's tape to hold her breasts in place when she can’t wear a bra.

Ashley shared her attempt on Instagram, writing, “Please send help.”

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Please send help ( • ) ( • )

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The 31-year-old told fans in a video, “Kim tried it, Cardi B tried it, I’m trying the tape, I just don’t know. I just don’t know how this is going to work.”

In a second video she explained a friend helped with the tape job, and asked fans, “Have you done this? I don’t feel like I did it right… I feel like I’m defeating the purpose.”

It appears Graham eventually gave up. She included a third video of herself having the tape removed as she screams, “Oh, sh-t!”