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Oliver Hudson Dishes on Kate Hudson’s Daughter Rani Rose

Over the weekend, Oliver Hudson spoke with “Extra” at the Baby2Baby Gala in Los Angles, where he gushed over his sister Kate Hudson’s baby girl.

Oliver, who just became an uncle to Rani Rose, shared, “Everyone’s great. She’s amazing. She is the most beautiful little baby, like, beautiful.”

He added about his sis, “Kate’s a happy girl. She’s nesting. She’s being mom.”

Oliver, born and raised in California, commented on the Woolsey Fire, saying, “I know a lot of people, I know a few people whose houses are confirmed gone, and there is many that I know that don’t know yet what is going on.”

“We’re living on Mother’s Nature land. We can’t control this stuff, but we can help out, talk about climate change. We just got to do the best we can,” Oliver emphasized.

The “Splitting Up Together” star has been involved with Baby2Baby since it started 10 years ago. He noted, “It’s just grown and grown and grown to what we see today, and it’s just incredible. The amount of money they are raising is just fabulous. They’re doing great things for people who do not have things.”