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Eva Longoria Dishes on Son Santiago’s Latest Milestones

Eva Longoria Dishes on Son Santiago’s Latest Milestones

Only “Extra’s” Mario Lopez was with Eva Longoria at the Eva Longoria Foundation Dinner, where the topic of conversation was her baby boy Santiago... and politics!

Four months ago, Longoria welcomed her first child with husband José "Pepe" Bastón. On social media, she has documented his milestones, like dressing him up as Superman for Halloween, which was just one of his costumes. She revealed, “By the way, this dressing up thing is my thing; this is not ending with Halloween. I got a turkey that he’s going to be for Thanksgiving.”

She added, “He rolled over finally, now he won’t stop, and he’s standing a lot now.”

What does she find most surprising about motherhood? She admitted, “How tired you are, but you’re never too tired to be with him.”

Despite being exhausted, she noted, “You have more energy than you think, especially with that beautiful soul. I want to be there when he wakes up, I want to be there when he goes to bed.”

Eva loves seeing her husband with their son, gushing, “My heart just bursts every time I see Pepe holding him.” She has also captured precious moments between Pepe and Santiago, saying, “I’m the best picture taker.”

Eva was recently seen with Santiago at the polls. The actress turned activist was joined by her fellow actors Zoe Saldana, Gina Rodriguez, and Rosario Dawson for the dinner and on the campaign trail, emphasizing, “We're like the Latina avengers”

Explaining why they are so passionate, Longoria said, “There's a lot of voter suppression happening. It's no coincidence that black and brown people are not highly represented in congress. There are very specific strategies to prevent that from happening.”

“We need everybody to go out and knock on doors. We need everybody to phone bank,” she continued. “We need everybody to tweet and post and hashtag and whatever it takes to build the awareness that this is our civic duty, this is the price we pay to be an American, is our vote.”

Mario hosted her 7th annual “Dinner with Eva” fundraiser for her foundation, where she honored Zoe and Gina for their advocacy work. She raved, “What they represent and what they do and the work that they that they do every day, it's so amazing to be part of this sisterhood, especially this Latina sisterhood.”

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